Australian Jazz Conference

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Australian Jazz Conference

G’day Everyone!

Just wanting to let you know that I will be performing during the 69th Australian Jazz Conference up in Swan Hill from the 26th to the 31st December 2014.

There is an entry charge, either for the day or the whole 6 days. Swan Hill is one of my favourite places to visit and I have performed up there a number of times.

I have made this video as an introduction (promo) for it. I hope you enjoy it and if possible, can come along and say g’day!

Merry Christmas and have a great holiday over the break.

All the best,


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  1. Doris Brandt

    Freddie Fender was always one of my favorite singers and still is, went to see him in person
    quite a few years ago.

  2. You are awesome! My dad played accordion by ear and I love original styles. Keep it up and play to that own ear. Love it!

  3. Ray L'Heureux

    Awesome buddy!!!! G’day! You need to keep us updated! This video is great! Keep ’em coming! The lord blesseth you.

  4. Raja Dawn

    I am from India and just discovered you on AGT show recordings on Youtube. You have really a great talent and play great music which are all new everytime which is astounding . Very similar to Indian classical music wherein the artist can have his/her own rendition of a ‘raaga’ ( a pattern of tunes which is strictly defined ). But your music also is not just random and has a definite mood. Please record everything you play or else it will be lost forever.

  5. You should listen someone named Johnny Blues on Youtube, who is a chilean street musician… I think you wold like it.

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