Chooka Parker has a show

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Chooka Parker has a show

Chooka Parker has a special guest performance on 2014-08-28 at 13:30 @ Melbourne Show Grounds in Ascot Vale, VIC This is a call out to all the fans if you can make it I’d love to see you there. If not no worries I’ll post my performance of the concert on my website / Blog or my YouTube channel so keep an eye out…or an ear ;). Thanks again to everyone who has supported me on this wonderful journey of musical discovery. A big shout out to my family for continuing to be their for me.

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Chooka Parker is an exceptionally talented pianist who has never had a piano lesson and astounded the Australia's Got Talent judges and audience when he debuted on their stage in 2011, making his song up on-the-spot. He is a composer, poet, songwriter and musician with 3 albums under his belt, his first single released and instrumentals.

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