Me and my Dad

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Me and my Dad

Here’s a song I wrote yesterday which I actually dared to sing (secretly hoping it doesn’t end my career..) lol
Accompanied by my father on the drums in his first time playing in over 20 years! It was great to blow the dust off the old kit and watch the old man beating on those drums again. Sit back, enjoy and let me know what you thought by commenting below or head over to my YouTube channel where you can like and share. Don’t forget the store is up and running so head on over and check it out.
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Chooka Parker is an exceptionally talented pianist who has never had a piano lesson and astounded the Australia's Got Talent judges and audience when he debuted on their stage in 2011, making his song up on-the-spot. He is a composer, poet, songwriter and musician with 3 albums under his belt, his first single released and instrumentals.

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