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Here is my latest single, and almost 10 minutes in length called ‘Harmony’. Being a bit of a nature buff It shows the fine balance between nature and how we depend on it. Have a listen to it and I hope you enjoy it! Chooka Parker (photo and music copyright to Chooka Parker Music). Also keep an ear out because I have been working very hard on some new songs I have been composing, so watch this space. As usual I’ll let everyone Know when I post my new material on my website / blog YouTube channel and itunes.

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  1. Exelent music, it my be amazing sound space for swiss masterpieces. Thanks

  2. Chooka

    Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked it! I have written a piece called ‘Swiss Waters’ on my sites. You might like that too! https://soundcloud.com/chookaparker/swiss-waters Chooka

  3. Sarah kingsbury

    Wow I’ve just discovered you from a Facebook video going around! Your skills are mesmerising! I looked you up on iTunes and the first some I song was for Sarah spooky

    Good luck to you in your quest for a musical life Sarah Kingsbury United Kingdom

    • Chooka

      Thanks Sarah. Actually I first played that tune ‘For Sarah’ on my clarinet and later on keyboard. Appreciate the support!

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