My Immortal~collab. with Elena House

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My Immortal I have done a third collaboration with Elena House. This is ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence. Elena is a soprano singer and sings a variety of styles, so this is another song to add to her collection, plus mine. … Continued

Australian Jazz Conference

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Australian Jazz Conference G’day Everyone! Just wanting to let you know that I will be performing during the 69th Australian Jazz Conference up in Swan Hill from the 26th to the 31st December 2014. There is an entry charge, either … Continued


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Harmony Here is my latest single, and almost 10 minutes in length called ‘Harmony’. Being a bit of a nature buff It shows the fine balance between nature and how we depend on it. Have a listen to it and … Continued

Moonshine Sonata

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Moonshine Sonata Here is my variation on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” this is Moonshine Sonata. Beethoven is an absolute inspiration to me and I actually really adore the music he composed. …I had fun playing this piece and I hope you … Continued

You ready for my next song???

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You ready for my next song You ready for my next song….Well it’s not exactly new I actually wrote this about two years ago. I haven’t put anything up in a while so I thought I would rummage amongst some … Continued

HEY EVERYONE!! Exciting news!!

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HEY EVERYONE!! Exciting news!! Hi EVERYONE!! Exciting news!! I’m going on a show called Australian Teenage Expo tomorrow Thursday the 28th of August (from 2 to 9pm) at the Melbourne Showgrounds and I have 5 free tickets to give out to form … Continued

Chooka Parker has a show

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Chooka Parker has a show Chooka Parker has a special guest performance on 2014-08-28 at 13:30 @ Melbourne Show Grounds in Ascot Vale, VIC This is a call out to all the fans if you can make it I’d love to … Continued