My Immortal~collab. with Elena House

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My Immortal

I have done a third collaboration with Elena House. This is ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence. Elena is a soprano singer and sings a variety of styles, so this is another song to add to her collection, plus mine. It’s always a challenge when I have to learn a song by ear, but even more when I am asked to play in a key I’ve never played before. What makes it more interesting and intense, is that I only had 24 hours to learn it from scratch and get it right! No pressure, lol. Hope you enjoy it! Till next time,

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  1. Love it Love it Love it 🙂

  2. Hey man I seen you in bendigo today. Sorry I didn’t stop to say hello. I was in a hurry but I absolutely love your music. Would love to catch up some time
    Regards Nick

  3. Heavenly! Chooka, you the man!

  4. Dominik

    Just inspiring!

  5. May a grandmother offer suggestions without hurting your feelings? You are such a talented young man, I believe you should ditch the oversize leather jackets and loose shirts, giant white cuffs, “suited up” look–they distract one from your performance. You have wild unusual coloring with your dark hair, eyebrows, lashes and very light skintone, which is all so dramatic and matches your music, why not keep the clothing simple in a nice sleek t-shirt, and, you can keep the hat, its an Aussie trademark. But of course, you’ll also have to stay in shape!

  6. nataliamyc

    My Jewel made my day…simply…woooowww…..
    Thanx for doing this to the world!

  7. You are by far the best piaonist ive ever heard hope you get your houseboat piano

  8. Mic Millist

    Forget what Joleane has said. I too play piano ( self taught) and I GET what you do. It doesn’t matter how you dress, the length of your hair or any surface stuff. Your brain, hands and most of all heart dictate what you do. I would buy you a houseboat with a piano if I had money. Put it out to the universe for what you want and you will get it. After all where do you think your gift came from?

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