Love teaching

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Love teaching

“Because I love teaching I often get someone up on stage that has no idea how to play piano, then I show them exactly what notes to press and together we make an awesome duo! This photo was taken when I performed at the Anglesea Music Festival in 2012. I got this young fella up with me and his name was Ariel and it was a very encouraging and timely thing to happen for him! I love teaching kids (and older kids~like adults) how to have fun on the keyboard. Often when they hear the amazing sound that we create together, it gives them huge incentive. I also have a video on my Youtube channel titled ‘Chooka teaches Whillo how to play piano on the spot” that gives you an example of how it’s done!
I have done a few festivals where I do a workshop with the kids too and I love it! Learning the piano is so much fun. 🙂
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Chooka Parker is an exceptionally talented pianist who has never had a piano lesson and astounded the Australia's Got Talent judges and audience when he debuted on their stage in 2011, making his song up on-the-spot. He is a composer, poet, songwriter and musician with 3 albums under his belt, his first single released and instrumentals.

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