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Photo Shoot from the other day!

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Photo Shoot

Here’s another picture from the Photo Shoot the other day!
And my new website is now live (except the shop which will be up soon!) with a blog site you can read about what I’ve been up to and who I am! http://chookaparkermusic.com/

I will be sending out email updates to anybody who subscribes so join the mailing list! Thanks so much to Shane and Fiona from Vader Studios for setting up the site!! You’ve been incredibly helpful!
And also a reminder that my latest single (It Doesn’t Matter Now) is up for sale! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/it-doesnt-matter-now-feat./id903034252

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Chooka Parker is an exceptionally talented pianist who has never had a piano lesson and astounded the Australia's Got Talent judges and audience when he debuted on their stage in 2011, making his song up on-the-spot. He is a composer, poet, songwriter and musician with 3 albums under his belt, his first single released and instrumentals.

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