You ready for my next song???

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You ready for my next song

You ready for my next song….Well it’s not exactly new I actually wrote this about two years ago. I haven’t put anything up in a while so I thought I would rummage amongst some of my old material and low and behold I found this beauty. Follow the link to my You Tube Channel and let me Know what you think. Don’t for get to subscribe, like or unlike and leave a comment. I’d also like to plug the online store which is up and running. So head on over and purchase some of the various merchandise my team has put together

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Chooka Parker is an exceptionally talented pianist who has never had a piano lesson and astounded the Australia's Got Talent judges and audience when he debuted on their stage in 2011, making his song up on-the-spot. He is a composer, poet, songwriter and musician with 3 albums under his belt, his first single released and instrumentals.

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