My Immortal~collab. with Elena House

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My Immortal I have done a third collaboration with Elena House. This is ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence. Elena is a soprano singer and sings a variety of styles, so this is another song to add to her collection, plus mine. … Continued

Australian Jazz Conference

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Australian Jazz Conference G’day Everyone! Just wanting to let you know that I will be performing during the 69th Australian Jazz Conference up in Swan Hill from the 26th to the 31st December 2014. There is an entry charge, either … Continued


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Harmony Here is my latest single, and almost 10 minutes in length called ‘Harmony’. Being a bit of a nature buff It shows the fine balance between nature and how we depend on it. Have a listen to it and … Continued

Moonshine Sonata

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Moonshine Sonata Here is my variation on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” this is Moonshine Sonata. Beethoven is an absolute inspiration to me and I actually really adore the music he composed. …I had fun playing this piece and I hope you … Continued

You ready for my next song???

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You ready for my next song You ready for my next song….Well it’s not exactly new I actually wrote this about two years ago. I haven’t put anything up in a while so I thought I would rummage amongst some … Continued

HEY EVERYONE!! Exciting news!!

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HEY EVERYONE!! Exciting news!! Hi EVERYONE!! Exciting news!! I’m going on a show called Australian Teenage Expo tomorrow Thursday the 28th of August (from 2 to 9pm) at the Melbourne Showgrounds and I have 5 free tickets to give out to form … Continued

Chooka Parker has a show

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Chooka Parker has a show Chooka Parker has a special guest performance on 2014-08-28 at 13:30 @ Melbourne Show Grounds in Ascot Vale, VIC This is a call out to all the fans if you can make it I’d love to … Continued

Me and my Dad

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Me and my Dad Here’s a song I wrote yesterday which I actually dared to sing (secretly hoping it doesn’t end my career..) lol Accompanied by my father on the drums in his first time playing in over 20 years! It … Continued

Here is the interview with Sue Myc

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Sue Myc Here is the interview I had the other day with Sue Myc on her Perth radio station! I talk about my music and my latest work, my very extreme diet, my fans, the good old days, and most … Continued

Great interview with Sue

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Great interview with Sue I had a great interview with Sue Myc today! A podcast of the talk will be posted soon so you can all hear it if you missed it. Tuna and apple diet is going great, and … Continued

Name That Song

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Name That Song Here’s a song I played last year in Japan, problem is what should I call it? A huge call out to all my Fans, one of you could be the first to name this piece of music . … Continued

It Doesn’t Matter Now

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It Doesn’t Matter Now Just a reminder that my latest single has been released on iTunes! So grab yourself a copy  Featuring Sarah Leaf – like her page and show her some love. Sarah Leaf is truly a talent young Artist and … Continued

Just released my latest song

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Just released my latest song I’ve just released my latest song ‘It Doesn’t Matter Now’ a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this one. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fans and my family for … Continued

Photo Shoot from the other day!

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Photo Shoot Here’s another picture from the Photo Shoot the other day! And my new website is now live (except the shop which will be up soon!) with a blog site you can read about what I’ve been up to … Continued

Interview with Sue Myc on 89.7fm

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Interview with Sue Myc on 89.7fm I will be doing an interview with Sue Myc on 89.7fm 11:30am Perth (2:30pm EST) about my new single “It Doesn’t Matter Now!” Featuring Sarah Leaf! I will also be discussing my up coming music … Continued

AGT Finals

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AGT Finals “Although I was not the winner I was invited back onto Australia’s Got Talent as a special Guest Artist in 2012 and played before the Semi-Finals began. It was great being back on stage and seeing everyone again especially all my … Continued

Love teaching

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Love teaching “Because I love teaching I often get someone up on stage that has no idea how to play piano, then I show them exactly what notes to press and together we make an awesome duo! This photo was … Continued

Let’s get physical

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Let’s get physical “I’m a bit of a nutcase, and here’s the evidence! Actually, I didn’t even know I could do the ‘air-splits’ until I tried. 🙂 This photo was taken when I went to Japan in June 2013 and … Continued

Sneaky Photo

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Sneaky Photo ” This was a surprise photo taken of me helping at home…Dad had asked me to screw in some of the hothouse plastic which was hard to reach in places, and then they took some sneaky shots from … Continued

My Trip To Asia

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My Trip To Asia In June 2013, I got to visit Japan for a couple of weeks. It was a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to go back again!! The food is AWESOME and the people are really gentle … Continued

Meeting My Fans

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Meeting My Fans This photo was taken while over in Japan, and the amazing this was that I came across a group of young ladies who knew from T.V and were visiting Japan from America! We randomly met and I got … Continued