My Immortal~collab. with Elena House

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My Immortal

My Immortal is now the third collaboration I have done with Elena House. ‘My Immortal’ is written by Evanescence. Elena is a soprano singer and sings a variety of styles. So this is another song to add to her collection and mine. It’s always a challenge when I have to learn a song by ear, so even more when I am asked to play in a key I’ve never played before. What makes it more interesting and intense, is that I only had 24 hours to learn it from scratch and get it right! No pressure, lol. Hope you enjoy it! Till next time,

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  1. Nick

    Hey man I seen you in bendigo today. Sorry I didn’t stop to say hello. I was in a hurry but I absolutely love your music. Would love to catch up some time
    Regards Nick

  2. Joleane

    May a grandmother offer suggestions without hurting your feelings? You are such a talented young man, I believe you should ditch the oversize leather jackets and loose shirts, giant white cuffs, “suited up” look–they distract one from your performance. You have wild unusual coloring with your dark hair, eyebrows, lashes and very light skintone, which is all so dramatic and matches your music, why not keep the clothing simple in a nice sleek t-shirt, and, you can keep the hat, its an Aussie trademark. But of course, you’ll also have to stay in shape!

  3. nataliamyc

    My Jewel made my day…simply…woooowww…..
    Thanx for doing this to the world!

  4. Conner

    You are by far the best piaonist ive ever heard hope you get your houseboat piano

  5. Mic Millist

    Forget what Joleane has said. I too play piano ( self taught) and I GET what you do. It doesn’t matter how you dress, the length of your hair or any surface stuff. Your brain, hands and most of all heart dictate what you do. I would buy you a houseboat with a piano if I had money. Put it out to the universe for what you want and you will get it. After all where do you think your gift came from?

  6. jill Countryman

    Hey – just found you on AGT from a few years ago and haven’t really researched what you’re doing – any movie soundtracks?? You’re such a natural for that aspect of music/movies, very emotionally bang on, bring tears to my eyes. Best of everything to you.

  7. Jaromír Novák

    Hello Chooka
    I found your performance on youtube when you were just 16 years old and just blow my mind.
    Thanks to Internet I could have hear your play all the way to Czech Republic.
    If you ever go and have a concert in europe than I would be there

  8. Jeremiah Calkins

    Hey brother! I’m not sure how I’ve missed you over the past few years but I finally saw you on AustraliaGT and I couldn’t believe someone of your ability could exist….thank you for being you and sharing your genius with the world! P.S. you would make it HUGE in the United States…just some food for thought. Once again Thank You

  9. Nancy Gordon

    Unbelievable piano playing!!! Your the best piano player I’ve ever heard and I’ve been around piano players my whole life. ( My grandmother was a music major playing the piano and taught me 55 years ago )
    Love your music!!!

  10. Mike Clary

    Spent a number of years behind a Hammond B3, met my wife while playing at a ski resort, now have a collection of some various Hammond models. I can only dream of playing like you. I wish you the best from here in New York State.

  11. Shawn Turmelle

    I’m not sure how I’ve missed your talent, but you…YOU, are absolutely AMAZING. You are a talent that more of the world needs to see and hear. Cheers!

  12. Claire

    How beautiful Chooka! What I loved is that you allowed her to take the song and you were happy to let her lead and accompany her. It was lovely. I’ll listen to all of your impromptu music Chooka! you might try and just put some songs out here for us where you are just sitting and let us hear your heart. I’d be happy with that! I’m not sure what is in your mind or brain, but something there makes me happy when you express it in music. Even more than a beautiful voice. She sings beautifully!!! But your piano playing is just as soft and lovely when it needs to be. I heard you today for the first time on You Tube. I quickly clicked and searched your name! to see what had become of you! I wish you all good things Chooka. it’s always touching to meet a pure, gifted heart. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  13. Dave Plaskett

    When I saw you today I was amazed.There is an electric violinist from Toronto Canada ,Dr. Draw ,who would be somewhat like you .He performs very well and never appears to play the same piece the same way.He is also quite active.Look him up online .I think you would be an amazing group.

  14. Graham George William Allen

    just do what you believe in lovely to listen to you would like to hear a good opera

  15. Kelley Eidem

    Your piano performance reminds me of Enya’s “Watermark” in terms of your performance’s evocative power and touch of the keys. Watermark was music I played to drift off to sleep for a time.

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