Kiss From a Rose (cover) by Seal- Elena House and Chooka Parker

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Kiss From a Rose (cover) by Seal- Elena House and Chooka Parker

Here is my latest collaboration with Elena House. Kiss from a Rose by the great Artist and singer Seal. I hope you enjoy it and please also visit her page and check out her music on her You Tube channel she is truly a talented and it is an honor to play the Keys for someone with such a wonderful voice

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  1. Sue

    Wow! Mesmerising, Elena compliments your beautiful music perfectly. Thankyou for sharing this.

    • Chooka

      Thanks Sue! It’s always good to collaborate with Elena 🙂 We’ll have more coming at some stage.

  2. Lyrick kamau

    Man! Am from Kenya n i trully appreciate good music… this fo sure is some great talent yu gott. Cheers mate

  3. Danuta

    … you know and all of us, that you are genius. Congratulations Chooka on your future.

  4. pat broeker

    Chooka, I’ve admired your amazing talent for some time now. This song with Elena is absolutely beautiful. As I’m listening to it I can’t help wondering how amazing it would sound being sung by a “bigger” voice. (Whitney Houston, Lillie McCloud, Kelly Rowland types) Nevertheless it’s a great cover.

  5. Pat McCarthy

    this is the first time I’ve seen Elena House and your music is so in tune with her it’s unbelievable. and ya’ll Kiss by a Rose is off the charts. Choota , you are awesome on the piano but your music with Miss house is out of this world! I”m sure you head is big enough now but keep up the good work(it looks like your having fun with all of it.) If you get a chance tell Elena I think she’s got a awesome voice. this is from an old man in Texas City Tx. (As in USA) who played the piano over 65 years ago(I told you I was old) If you every do a ture of the US and head to TX, let me know, I’ll show you what our old cowboys shoot(shot) here in Tx.

    • Chooka

      Thanks Pat! Yeah, Elena and I have done 4 videos together and some have suggested we do an album. She does have a great voice. If you go to my website, you will see I have physical CDs for sale, and of course the MP3 versions. Maybe one day I will see you in Texas! All the best.

  6. Stan

    Your raw talent is a gift I hope you thank the lord for. Listening to you play is a special treat. Watching you is just as fun. You are amazing, don’t evere stop. As an aspiring musician for the past 40 years I can tell you.,That you are extremely blessed. Stay humble and let the world rejoice in your music

  7. Helena

    Musical notes floating north – whispering to the cool winds that carry them to the glistening snow. Shattered by the sun to a cool kiss that falls to my ears. Thanks from Canada.

  8. Xan

    I haven’t heard this song in years, plus I first heard your music 10 minutes ago with your 2011 Austalia’s Got Talent. I started playing piano a month ago and am so inspired what you do to those keys. Thank you for sharing your music!

  9. Xan

    Chooka, I know of only one other pianist who improvises and is vastly inspired like you. My friend, Casey. Though a different style altogether, you both explore music deeply. Here is his page if you would like to have a listen: Cheers and deep well wishes from Canada.

  10. Kim Assaly

    Chooka. I think youre wonderful. I still go back yo your audition song and Im still mesmerised. Youre talent is amazing to listen to. Kim.

  11. big wank

    seems like this should be in lord of the rings… so ethereal.
    U should do something with Tal wilkenfeld… as Australia takes over! lol

  12. James Jeansonne

    I would love to talk to you about where you tap into the musical energy that I can see you channel when you are playing without any music in mind.

  13. Denise

    Ethereal doesn’t even begin to describe your talent. I’ve arrived quite late to your party but things have been a bit messy up top here in the US. Bless you and I’m thankful for stumbling upon your youtube AGT video. A huge thank you to your parents, such a well rounded amazing being they produced! Bravo
    I would love to hear your scoring of the cinema “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.
    Thank you for giving me slivers of hope, joy and happiness in this world where so many are painting it dark or trying to make/keep it dark. I’ve been happier or more peaceful isolating myself as much as possible from humans and prefer the company of non human animals. I hope and pray there are and will be more souls like yourself as I would be more encouraged to interact with all animals again!
    Sincere and grateful cheers to you, your mum and your dad.
    ……… I know you’re not perfect and put your trousers on one leg at a time like the rest so may your wisdom, spirit and talent continue to grow and never fail you. May your wisdom help keep you humble and your humbleness help keep you wise.

  14. Michael

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    You Chooka and Elena ROCK 🎸! Would love 💘 to hear 👂 you play a great song, by a Great Band, Metallica “Nothing Else Matters.” Elena could sing this song, no doubt.

    Would be great to see you here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas area in the United States….

  15. howard fowler


    You have a talent from the soul. Stay faithful to your gift it’s no one else’s so push forward and give back to those that supported you on your journey. It doesn’t have to be a monetary gift to them. Thanks for giving the world pure humble talent to enjoy.

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