Misguided Musings and Music in Melbourne

Misguided Musings with Music and Melody in Melbourne.

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Misguided musings with music and melody in Melbourne!

It’s been a while since I updated you on what’s been happening down under. So time to let you know of a great opportunity that arose to play in a mini TV Series titled ‘Misguided’. Therefore this involved writing the theme music for the show and playing the improvised background music for each of the 13 scenes.

Improvisation all round!

The series is all about improvised acting with suggestions coming from the audience (hence the misguided part).  This then builds each week on a story line with 4 characters along with improvised music that is performed on my keyboard. Playing improvised music is my specialty, I felt right at home!  Each actor was informed by the audience of the scene to be acted out. My job was to improvise with the music to bring the feeling and atmosphere out as it was happening, thus creating inspiration for the actors.


Now this is the kind of challenge that adds some sparkle to life! It was heaps of fun and travelling to Melbourne City each week for months. It created a team atmosphere as all involved were getting to know the cast and crew better each week. So creating the right piece of music takes a bit of imagination, but then again, you are not held to any particular limitations either. Inventing a theme for each actor/actress was part of the process, so that they had their individual musical ditty. Making music is what it’s all about and this sure was a great experience! It was also loads of fun creating the theme music, thus giving this comedy series a fun yet funky and catchy tune that will leave an impression. The Misguidedtheme music is available here. https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/misguided-theme-music-single/id1155238543

Enjoy Misguided Musings and Music in Melbourne here:

You can watch some of the episodes on Youtube here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xGh7fLUiYM<

The goal for me personally is to diversify things, which was achieved and this was one to really remember! http://chookaparkermusic.com/shop/

Till we chat later…


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  1. Mona

    I’m so happy that you’re doing what you love 🙂 Best of luck from Poland

    p.s. You kinda remind me a little of Mozart. You are the same free spirit, as he was

  2. Randy Memphis Earnest

    Chooka, wow! I guess at my age of 53, I don’t spend enough time on YouTube! Forgive me for not knowing who you are and how talented you are! I was born in Memphis Tennessee, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, well you get the picture! I am a drummer and have played semi professionally for 40 years! My family and I really enjoy your music, and hopefully you get to the states, Memphis, St Louis and perform! We will def come see you!

  3. Dave

    Chooka, have you checked out the music of Glenn Gould? All the best from Canada.

  4. Tom

    Thank you, for being one of those people who accept the burden to hold in your hands, the flame of genius. It is pleasant to hear you perform, and you look like a nice person to know. This burden destroys so many. I wish you well, and will pray for you, which is all a 70 yr old friend from the opposite side of the world can do.

  5. USA lady.

    Absolutely love your story and the success you are receiving. Recently saw you on re runs of AGT. Soo inpressed

  6. Linda S.

    When I first heard your music… awestruck, amazing, and wow! Mozart was my first thought and more. Keep it up, you are a great talent, do not let it get to your head. You are too good for that. Stay humble and create your music. Would love to hear you live in upstate area Syracuse, New York (USA). Maybe someday. Stay loyal to your style.

  7. Justin

    I don’t recall feeling inspired by any one persons video as much as I am by stumbling across a random YouTube video of your AGT debut. Watching you play brings out many feelings. Thank you for finding your way off the ranch and into our homes and for sharing like you do.

    Question: I’ve noticed you never have sheet music in front of you or the videos I’ve seen, as well as see you just play something out of the blue. It’s been recorded that some brilliant minds have an 8th sense. Like being able to hear or smell colors, speak foreign languages after a day of learning it, being able to play any musical instrument, or seeing complex math equations, etc etc.

    What do you feel, experience when playing the piano? How do you equate your ability to hear a song and know how to play it immediately or combine multiple pieces of work into one? I would be fascinated to understand as much as you are willing to share with us.

    Thank you again for sharing your gift with us.

    • Chooka

      Thanks for your comment, basically I play how I am feeling…I express myself best through music. So a lot of my music is improvised. I know how I want something to sound, i.e. in the stringed quartet I am working on currently. When I record in the studio, I know exactly in my head how each instrument should sound and I try to portray that to fellow musicians. Hope that answers your question. Also, check out my new Youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIbSOKK45bitaB0SHP3Qjig

  8. Gary Amirault

    Chooka, I watched a youtube video where you were on Australia’s Got Talent and was blown away. Then I watched just about everything you had on youtube, the good and the insane (like when you were high and sang, oh that was terrible.) But what was more terrible was that you were high. And I saw the Pierre Cardin piece and your desire for stardom and wondered whether you would be a short shooting star drug into the dregs by the lusts of the eyes and the pride of flesh. I expected you to be on world tours, etc., but I don’t see much happening on the internet with you lately, would like to find out where your head is these days. I pray that your gift become a gift to the world and not a tool for self-aggrandisement. Use your gift to the glory of our heavenly Father and for the benefit of all mankind. It’s too precious to be wasted.

  9. Alan

    God has blessed you with such a wonderful talent. I am blown away by your music and just you! I hope all is well for you Chooka! Keep banging those keys!

  10. Jen in Qld

    Awesome mate! Just found you on YouTube. I hope opportunities you enjoy keep coming your way.

  11. YellowHammer

    Just heard about you way out here in California and found your website. I love your “cover” of Fur Elise and bought “No Worries”. I read what they did to you at AGT and think it was a raw deal, however, AGT is not the world (no where near it) and you really should develop your talent–get to college if you can as a music major. Live performances are pretty fickle but as a music student and with the connections that will give you, then as a composer, you’ll have a marvelous career ahead of you. I really think you could be the next Danny Elfman if you go on for movie scores.

  12. Hakkersson

    Hi there,
    Just seen a couple of your videos on Youtube and I was stunned by your improvised audition. You are an amazing person with talent I can not really discribe accordingly, just ‘met’ you a hour ago on YouTube.
    Another artist, like for example Yuri Lane with his style, that moved me and made me think there are still inspiring people born every day.
    Hope you will compose as much tracks like the 2500 push-ups haha. But no really, i wish you all the best and hope to hear you perform live some day.
    Greetings from Holland

  13. Shafee

    Chooka Mate , would be brilliant if you started a tour . Have you been to South Africa ?

  14. Marilyn Withana

    Wishing you every success with all of your undertaking! I know you will do an excellent job spilling out the music that is in your heart for each and every actor/actress. Warm wishes. God’s blessings.

  15. P.O.P.E.

    As a recording artist you send shivers down my spine. If you ever got into making intrumentals and production, I would be in music heaven! I love recording to crazy beats. Your a real inspiration my friend. Much respect!

  16. Bonnie

    OH MY Gosh, Chooka, U are a prodigy! keep doing what u are doing, Love to meet you and your mama!

  17. C

    Just found you on YouTube and purchased Man of the Sand. Love it!
    Truly thought provoking and inspirational music flows from you. It’s a beautiful and unique gift from God. Come to the States!

  18. Merrit Schwartz

    Chooka I just listened to you today. I am Hoping that you believe in yourself enough to withstand life’s ups and downs. I also hope that your career as a musician will continue to grow so that you fulfill your potential and are happy ….

  19. Sharon Naughton

    Chooka, you may have heard the saying, “playing by ear” by you have started a new catagory, ” PLAYING BY HEAVEN”. Divinely Inspired Music every time you play.. God Bless you for sharing your gifts with the world…

  20. Mary Lou Cooper

    What a great creative and innovative project. I’m so glad you got this opportunity.

  21. Dennis

    Don’t wait another two years to tell us what’s up. Don’t loose your fans in the silence of the internet. Keep playing!!and playing! and playing!

  22. Michelle

    Hey Chooka!

    Happy to hear current things about you 🙂 Love, love, love your music. I’m in Canada and would love to hear you up here, too! Only you could pull off doing what you do for “Misguided”!!

    Wishing you continued success 🙂

  23. Victoria

    You’ve amazing free spirit talent! Hope to see you play in person one day as piano is my love since age 5…..you’ll inspire many a young person to the creativity of piano hopefully!

  24. Matt

    Hey dude, just heard you play and it’s unreal. Eff judges because you’re an unmatched talent. You be you brotha!

    Wishing you all the best from the great white north.

  25. Glenda D

    Hey Chooka. I’m not a big TV watcher so I only just came upon a video of you on AGT. I have never ever written anyone like this before but I have to. I have to send you a note and tell you that I have never been so blown away and in awe of someone and their raw talent. Oh my goodness. When you started playing for your audition, my mouth dropped open and stayed that way through your entire song! You are amazing and extremely inspirational. I hope that you will continue playing and writing and that doing so will bring you even just a fraction of the joy your music has brought to others. I don’t know what else I can say but again, wow. Thanks for listening to your mates and auditioning for AGT and congrats on how far you went. Truly amazing.

  26. Bruce Z

    I just saw your AGT video, and then some of the videos on your YouTube channel. Words like speechless, breathtaking, stunning, do not even get close to describing what I witnessed in your videos.

    I am blown away at your amazing talent. Not only your fantastic piano skills, but your interpretation of the music you play is nothing short of breathtaking. Your vision as a composer is special and rare. And you blend all your skills together into an incredible performance, time and time again.

    Thank goodness I happened across your videos. I am now a big fan. I hope that someday you have the opportunity to tour in the US, and play in the Seattle area where I live. I will be in the audience enjoying every second of your performance.

    Your talent is generationally rare, every performance is a treat for those who listen. And good job to your parents for raising such a fine son. May you continue to have a wonderful life.

  27. Katy Fowler

    Chooka I’ve just discovered you on YouTube today. I’m so blown away both by your talent and how real you are as a person. Beautiful to see! Have you ever been on the UK BBC television show ‘Later with Jools Holland’? I think he’d be really happy to have you on the show? All the best to you.

  28. Dema Simeri

    Dear Chooka. I can’t believe what I am hearing and seeing when I watch you. I would give anything on earth to be able to play like you do. I have a piano and play daily but I have NO natural talent for the piano and at 88 I guess I never will. Maybe in my next life!! I do wish that you would come to the US for a tour for I would love to see you in concert. I cannot believe that you did not win the talent show but then you really didn’t need to. The world loves you never-the-less. A true fan, Dema Simeri South Bend, Indiana USA

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